Grief Counselling for Managing Personal Loss and Adjustment

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When we change something about our lifestyle or ourselves intentionally, the adjustments that we make to adapt to that change are seen as positive. As your grief counsellor in Brisbane, we find that when changes occur that are forced upon us, they are seen as losses. There is a sense of loss of control over our lives.

Types of Personal Loss

At SM Counselling Services Brisbane, we can help you to manage and adjust to the personal loss. The personal loss may be the ending of a relationship or friendship, the loss of a job, the death of someone close to you, illness, financial setback, or any other life-changing event over which you do not have any control and feel a sense of loss and grief.

The Grieving Process

It is important to allow yourself time to grieve for your loss. We can grieve for a variety of reasons at different times in our lives. Grieving is an individual experience, and at times it can feel very lonely. Emotions that you may feel can include disbelief, shock, anger, denial, depression, hopelessness and acceptance.

Managing Personal Loss

• Share your thoughts and feelings with someone close to you or someone you can trust
• Consider our grief counselling services in Brisbane to help you express your feelings in a safe and supportive environment
• Identify your feelings. Say to yourself that I am feeling sad, powerless or angry for example
• Consider other ways to achieve your goals
• Journal about the changes that have occurred in your life and how they fit in with how you see the world as a whole. Consider what is important to you
After a personal loss, you need people who can listen and support you. Remember that everyone grieves in your way. It takes time to heal. Be kind to yourself and seek help to allow you to work through the grieving process and adjust and manage the loss. For information on Grief Counselling in Brisbane, contact us at SM Counselling.

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