Emotional Infidelity


There are many different forms of infidelity. Any perceived infidelity is usually seen as a threat to the marriage or relationship and the stability of the relationship is threatened.

Emotional infidelity in marriage occurs where a bond is formed that mimics the closeness and intimacy of a romantic partnership, although it is not physically consummated.

When emotional infidelity in marriage occurs attachment needs and fears are activated. This creates an emotional crisis.

Surviving Emotional Infidelity

In a marriage or a relationship with a secure attachment, there is the sense that you are cherished in the mind of your partner, that you can depend on each other and that you will not be rejected or abandoned. Emotional infidelity recovery is achievable with communication, understanding, and forgiveness.

Attachment problems where your partner is your source as well as your solution to pain can be overwhelming and confusing. For some people, a connection that never resulted in extra-marital sex may be as painful and distressing as a long term affair. What may be seen by one as a harmless flirtation can be extremely hurtful to the other.

Surviving emotional infidelity is achievable. In emotional infidelity recovery therapy, our counselors focus on the adult emotional attachment issues. Concentrating on key emotions and their attachment significance allows the couple through therapy to grow, heal and forgive and obtain a secure attachment bond.

Recovering from an Affair

Recovering from an affair is difficult. The dedication and commitment to saving a marriage after an infidelity takes more commitment, and more time than most couples realize.

After an affair many couples stay together. The marriage however, is not always happy and the level of closeness and togetherness that once was is not always there. There can be a lack of trust, commitment, and intimacy.

Saving marriage after infidelity takes effort, time, communication, honesty, and forgiveness. Trust needs to be rebuilt, and feelings and emotions communicated. There needs to be an ongoing commitment to honesty and truthfulness.

Saving marriage after infidelity involves a five step renewal process that includes exposure, reaction, clarity, co-operation and connection when recovering from an affair.

The healing process after infidelity can be aided by relationship therapy. As trust is rebuilt, each member of the couple experiences greater vulnerabilities and also the opportunity for a deeper connection and a marriage that is satisfying to both parties.

Grief Counselling Brisbane

Loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult things that we may ever have to deal with. Any loss that is forced upon as leaves us with a sense of grief and loss, and requires emotional adjustment. Grieving is a private experience and can be very lonely and confronting.

Many emotions surface. These can include disbelief, helplessness, depression, sadness, resentment and acceptance. Not all people experience every one of these emotions.

As providers of grief counselling services we have found that coping strategies can include:

  • Journaling your thoughts
  • Giving yourself time to grieve
  • Talking with those close to you about your emotions
  • Working through your emotions utilising grief counselling services

Find coping strategies that work for you. Each individual is unique and heals in their own way. The way you feel, your sense of loss and the emotions that you experience is completely unpredictable.

At SM Counselling our caring and experienced therapists specialize in grief counselling Brisbane areas.

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapies
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