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Are you or your partner suffering with anxiety, stress or emotional problems? Are these conditions causing problems in your relationship? Is your family experienced unresolved tension? Is there a breakdown in communication, mistrust or anger in the marriage? Whatever troubles you, here at Something More Counselling Service in the Brisbane CBD, we’ll work with you and your family to resolve these issues. We provide a range of small group programs in a safe and trustworthy environment.

Korey commenced working with couples in 1993 while on a placement with Relationships Australia. Since this time Korey has continued to undertake specialist training in working with couples. Korey is certified as an Emotionally Focused Couple’s Therapist at the International Centre for Excellence. In particular, Korey has been interested in understanding how best to assist couples when there has been a significant traumatic or hurtful event.

Couple Relationship counselling we offer in Brisbane

Create positive and lasting change in your relationship

  • Emotionally focussed couples therapy: This form of therapy is designed to increase emotional bonding and wellbeing in your partnership. It enlists a series of nine steps across three defined stages to help create a stronger relational bond with the help of alleviating any recurring problems.
  • Marriage/couple relationship counselling: This is a process in which our counsellor works with both members of the partnership to discover and strengthen the bond that keeps you together. When we commence a new relationship, there are obviously natural attractions that draw us together. Unfortunately, life and stress can distract us from the things that we are attracted to in our partner. Our service seeks to rediscover that connection and reproduce the love that still exists.
  • Family sessions: Therapy sessions aren’t just for couples – they can be for families experiencing a difficult period, too. We provide a calm and compassionate space for various individuals to air any difficulties they may be having within their family. We do this to help family members work through their difficulties in a way that helps them reflect and create a viable solution moving forward.
  • Group therapy: Something More provides group therapy sessions in which Korey meets with a small group. This is a great way for patients to boost their communication and sociability in a caring and nonjudgmental space. What’s more, it is often a fantastic opportunity for people to learn about other group members who may have already experienced their current situation. These are just some of the fantastic potential benefits of group therapy and why it is highly recommended.
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