Strategies for an Unfaithful Spouse to Recover from an Affair

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Strategies for an Unfaithful Spouse to Recover from an Affair

14th of Nov 2019

After an affair, the pain inflicted on everyone involved is huge. Consider the future of your marriage after an affair, and take all necessary steps to help to heal your relationship and to obtain forgiveness, regain trust and to rebuild your marriage when recovering from an affair.

End Your Affair Permanently

As your counselling services in Brisbane, we recommend that you sever all contact with the other party. Block them from your email accounts and change your telephone number. Ensure that they know that it is completely over. Change jobs or move if necessary.

Accept Full Responsibility for the Affair

Often the emotional infidelity is most difficult for a spouse to deal with. Whatever the reason for your affair, know that there were other choices available. Do not make excuses, and for the time being a focus on your failure to keep promises and the pain that you have caused.

Rebuilding Trust is Vital When Recovering from an Affair

It is up to you to make your spouse feel safe again. When recovering from an affair, be open, and allow your spouse complete access to your phone, computer and passwords so that they can see that nothing is being hidden. Get rid of everything that is a reminder of the physical and emotional infidelity including pictures, emails, and gifts. Be willing to set boundaries in any relationship where your spouse feels insecure.

Define Your Character

Think about the person you want to become, not about things you want, or things you should do. How do you want to tell the story of your marriage and love in future years?

Find Support

An infidelity marks the finish of marriages in a majority of cases. Now more than ever you need a counsellor to help you to rebuild your marriage and obtain your spouse’s forgiveness and trust.

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