How to Strengthen the Attachment Bonds Between the Couple to Decrease the Couple’s Distress

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How to Strengthen the Attachment Bonds Between the Couple to Decrease the Couple’s Distress

14th of Nov 2019

Attachment bonds are created in past relationships. Our early childhood experiences, adolescent relationships and the characteristics of current relationships all affect the attachment style that we hold today. The perception of past experiences in prior relationships influences what happens in our current relationships.

As part of our relationship counselling Brisbane therapy, we use the concepts of attachment theory to understand the difficulties in the couple’s current relationship. We strengthen the bonds of attachment of the couple to decrease the couple’s distress.

When a traumatic event occurs to one or both of the members of the couple we find this form of therapy particularly effective.

Studies have found that:

  • 56% of adults see themselves as being securely attached
  • 25% see themselves as being avoidant in attachment
  • 19% class themselves as anxious or ambivalent

These percentages are very similar to infant figures, which show that our attachment bonds in childhood usually follow through into our attachment bonds in our intimate relationships.

Studies have found that young couples transitioning to marriage became more secure. These couples tended to automatically make more consistent and clear beliefs from their memories and also provide many long term benefits. Secure attachments in such couples have shown that there was no impact on distress levels when stressful events happened to one or both individuals of the couple in the short term.

Highly anxious individuals have more turmoil in their relationships due to their perceived daily conflict in their partnerships. Our marriage counselling Brisbane service uses attachment therapy to increase the bond between couples and decrease distress in the relationship. This is of benefit to many couples, particularly when there is conflict in the relationship or when couples experience problems because of stressful or traumatic life events.

This therapy allows couples to heal and create a lasting bond. We cover topics such as building trust, safety, and intimacy, coping with separation anxiety and loss and forgiveness. Contact us for Couples Counselling Brisbane areas.

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