One Person Needs Alone Time and The Other Needs Connection and How This Can Create Couple’s Distress

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One Person Needs Alone Time and The Other Needs Connection and How This Can Create Couple’s Distress

14th of Nov 2019

In couples there is often the tendency for one of the individuals to need more alone time than the other. At SM Counselling Services Brisbane, we have found this can be frustrating to both parties and creates a sense of anxiety and uneasiness that can cause problems in the relationship.

When life is busy with work, children, and other commitments it is really important to take some time to connect and spend quality time together – without children, friends, or distractions.

When couples spend too much time apart intimacy is bound to suffer in the way of:

  • Lovemaking
  • Affection
  • Understanding your partner
  • Improving your communication skills
  • Problem solving

As in any other area of your life, your relationship needs looking after in order for it to grow and improve, and for your bond with each other to become stronger. While new relationships are given plenty of time and energy, the competing demands of life can impinge on long term romantic partnerships. If you are having difficulties in your marriage, contact our relationship counsellor Brisbane region. Small problems can quickly escalate. Without attention, relationships and marriages can fall apart.

Although simple, some basic planning of alone time for couples will see your relationship strengthen and grow. Consider arranging:

  • A regular date night,
  • A daily ritual where you have at least 10 minutes together to talk. This may be for coffee at breakfast time, a catch up at the end of the day to discuss your day, or taking the dog for a walk;
  • Doing something different to spice up your life. Go hiking, take a cooking class, do a sport together, or go to an amusement park.

Taking time out to be together as well as time to be alone can be a fine balancing act in today’s fast paced world. Some people have a stronger need than others to have their own space. For relationship therapy contact us. We provide expert relationship counselling Brisbane areas.

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